HEYM Model 88B Double Rifle

For over 35-years, the 88B has served as HEYM's flagship double rifle for dangerous game. There are more Professional Hunters carrying HEYM double rifles in Africa today than any other than any other brand. Available in five different frame sizes, each 88B SAFARI is individually crafted by hand, and a host of options are available for making an 88B SAFARI uniquely yours.

Stocks (right or left hand) can be made to measure to ensure a perfect fit.  Receivers are scaled in five unique sizes and are designed from the ground up for double rifle cartridges.  Each caliber receives a unique barrel profile to ensure proper balance, weight distribution, and that “weight between the hands” feeling that is synonymous with a well-designed double rifle.

88B Catalog Download (PDF)

Standard Features

Barrels Up To 26" | Krupp Steel | Hammer-Forged, In-House at HEYM
Action A&D Boxlock with Triple Lockup (Purdey Double Underbite with Greener Crossbolt)
Safety Non-Automatic
Triggers Front: @ 1.7-1.8kg, Rear @ 1.9-2.0kg. (Articulated Front)
Automatic Ejectors Standard on all HEYM double rifles (Extractors by request)
Intercepting Sears Standard on all HEYM double rifles
Stock Wood Select European Walnut (Upgrades Available)
Stock Dimensions Made to Order (Right or Left Hand)
Weight 9.0 lbs - 13.0 lbs (Varies with Caliber)
Available Calibers 300 Win Mag, 375 H&H Belted Mag, 375 H&H Flanged Mag, 416 Rigby, 416/500 NE, 450/400 NE 3", 450 NE 3.25", 470 NE, 500 NE, 577 NE, 20 ga